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I am alive.  I am around occasionally. 


Szlius Fruse
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United States
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So its been a while, I don’t know how many of the people who watch me here are still around and still even knowing I exist.  It’s been a long, stressful, almost six years now since I’ve really been active on here as much as I used to be.  I spent the past couple days going through messages and submissions and stuff in my inbox and well, six years of major inactivity have piled up.  The few of you who have spent time around me since my Hiatus, and still stuck around, I thank you.  Most of the ones who follow up with me are over on my FurAffinity account… know that this is where I am most of the time, with regards to any art I commission or do, I check there for messages every day.  Here not so much, I’ve made a point to check at least once a month for notes and comments, anything major, but just haven’t had the time. 


Between work, college, and research, these past few years have been long and stressful.  Many long days, 8 to 4’s for classes and research, and evening shifts for work to pay off my bills.  Rarely have had much time to myself to really focus on anything else really.  But now, I am in the long final stretch towards the end.  Come May, I will have my degree in Chemistry and will be hoping to find a way to pick up something with a job so that I can return to a normal person life instead of a life of turmoil and stress.  Took me the extra two years, mostly because I changed my major the third year in, but also because I took smaller course loads to allow for less bills and not as much stress.  I will probably be one of the few people in my age bracket and time period that actually graduated college, while working a full time job, debt free.  It is possible people.  It took some time, and determination, but I think I may be able to make a come back in my personal life once again, both on line and real life. 


I don’t know how many of you are still around, how many of you may still have an appreciation for my works, but I should be able to pick up this year and get back to writing again.  Along with the work and classes and research holding me back, last year I spent a lot of time freeing myself of a lot of emotional issues I have had. 


I’ve become content with how things have become, I have forgiven the ones that wronged me, I have built myself back up, and I feel confident again.  And this time, I feel I may be stronger than before. 


I have been working in my spare time recently on story boarding for my books, trying to reorganize my thoughts again in my writing, and more than likely, a lot of changes are going to me made to what I wrote before, plot wise, going to have to rewrite chapters and stuff, but that’s for another journal really.  I am just happy that I am getting back into this again. 


I thank all of you who have stuck around me for the hard times I have been through. 


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